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Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Unscripted Moments

A message from Lang Walker

Our Kokomo Private Island team is incredibly optimistic in our view of the world.

We know people are resilient and we know people from every corner of the world are uniting to support each other during these difficult times.

For those of you who have postponed your visit to Kokomo we understand this was disappointing, but we want you to know that you are already part of our Kokomo family.

I appreciate it might be a preferable pastime to be relaxing at the beach shack, going fishing or enjoying the Fijian marine life, but our wish is for you to take every precaution until this situation passes.

Our Kokomo team pulled together to make sure we were fully prepared to ensure all our guests left the island safely. Our people are the lifeblood of the island and their wellbeing is what matters most right now.

Where we can, we are using this time to further enhance our island and the services we provide and we will aim to keep you up-to-date with the island community life over the coming months, so please stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Please watch this first short message from our family to yours. From all of our Kokomo team, please stay safe, and look after your friends and family.

Lang Walker AO

Kokomo Island Fiji
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The view from the patio of a villa at Kokomo Private Island Fiji


A Haven of Comfort

Your Private Refuge

Open the door to your Kokomo stay and luxuriate in the breathtaking feeling this compelling experience provides. Perhaps it’s the pure size of each space, or the fact that the beach, the views, the gardens, the private pool, the terrace – everything, is at your fingertips; either way, your sanctuary allows you to unwind and disconnect immediately, from the world you left behind.

We understand sustainable design, we appreciate the importance of abundant space, and we know what it takes to create relaxed opulence where you can feel right at home, in an instant. Perfect for couples, families and individual travellers, our spacious accommodation options are elegantly furnished, feature traditional Fijian nuances, and are designed to provide you with a luxury locale you can call your own.

Created for your total wellbeing, each of our twenty-one Beachfront Villas and five Luxury Residences will transport you to a place of privacy, rejuvenation and the backdrop to long lasting memories.

Featuring sustainable design and traditional Fijian nuances, your home at Kokomo is alive with both opulence and character.

The bedroom of a villa at Kokomo Private Island Fiji