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Kokomo Island Fiji

Something For Everyone

Do as much or as little as you like. Participate in one of the many water or land based activities or relax in the Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary while your kids enjoy the interactive Kaji Club. Enjoy one of the best dive and snorkelling spots on the planet and explore the world beneath the water, go deep sea fishing, kayak around the island at sunrise or take an excursion to a nearby island to explore underwater caves before embarking on a trek to a secret waterfall. Kokomo Private Island has it all.

  • Diving

    Scuba Dive to discover the world beneath the surface. Located on the North of the Kadavu Island Group, Kokomo offers exclusivity to dive sites that are not frequented by other island resorts. This allows our guests to explore the vibrant coral structures and captivating marine life with no distractions; from tiny Anthers to magnificent Mantas, Tuna, Sharks, schooling jacks, Turtles, Nudibranchs, Blue Ribbon Eels, Mackerels and many more.

    Fast Facts:

    • 49 unique dive sites which range from depths of 8 metres to 30 metres
    • A 5 Star PADI Dive Resort primed for novice and experienced divers, offering bountiful excursions within the surrounding and outer reefs
    • For the novice diver, we offer the Internationally popular diver program “Discover SCUBA Diving”; the safest training to allow a 12-metre ocean dive, accompanied by our PADI Instructors
    • All levels of training are provided and our instructors and facility is certified to train individuals from zero experience to first level professionals – “Dive Master” rating Minimum age requirement for swimming pool lessons is 8 years, for ocean experiences the age is 10 years.

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  • Snorkelling

    Snorkelling is accessible all around Kokomo Private Island, only meters from shore you can discover coral structures. Venture 10 minutes offshore via boat to reach the local ‘Bomby’ reef, teeming with marine life. During the season, manta rays and dolphins can be encountered at the South end of the island.

    All snorkelling equipment is complimentary from our Dive and Watersports Centre. Before you take the plunge, we recommend you enquire into the best time to snorkel and we will notify you of the high tide window; the optimum time for snorkelling.

    Should you wish to visit our local reefs we host complimentary excursions departing daily from the Activities Bure. Snorkelling off the boat is a spectacle to be witnessed, as it displays combinations of marine life and coral beauty on another level.

  • Fishing

    In close proximity to thriving reefs, we offer outer reef (game fishing), spear fishing (experience essential) and local reef fishing, suitable for novice to experienced fisherman.

    Only a short distance from the island, one of our favourite game fishing sites is home to many ground species, such as Wahoo, Sailfish, Mahi, Tuna and Marlin. Venture a little further to the outer reefs to partake in sport fishing for Giant Trevally and Dogtooth Tuna.

    With the Great Astrolabe Reef on our doorstep we have access to some of the best game and sport fishing all year around. The Kadavu region offers a wide variety of species to target throughout each season, and due to its remote location, has earned itself a reputation for being home to some of the largest and most powerful fish on the planet.

    The Kadavu region has earned respect from the world’s most dedicated blue water hunters and is frequently featured as the “it” location for the traveling angler within leading industry publications.

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  • Surfing

    Surfing the outer reefs in Fiji under the right conditions is world class and not for the faint hearted! It can be wild and rugged and is not advisable for the complete novice.

    With exceptional breaks only 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes’ boat ride away, you can surf the outer reef tides from left to right, while surrounded by idyllic sights of neighbouring Islands. Due to the secluded location, you’ll never have to wait in line to catch a wave. There are various locations based upon experience levels and we have boards available to rent so you can lighten your travel pack.

    Surfing locations:

    • Soso Passage: For beginners and intermediate level surfers
    • Vesi Passage: The main break is predominantly left, holding quality waves of up to 12ft and is all power from top to bottom. It can be surfed at the upper end of an incoming tide and is best on a northerly wind and a south-east swell (for expert surfers)
    • Naiqoro Passage: Depending on its power and size is a thick, steep right hander, ideal for intermediate surfers.
  • Coral Garden Restoration
    Coral Garden Restoration

    Immerse yourself in the underwater world of the Great Astrolabe Reef and help keep our coral gardens healthy and thriving. Kokomo Private Island is proud to launch our Coral Restoration Project, which serves as an important initiative to ensure our reefs continue to thrive. We invite guests to join Cliona O’Flaherty, our resident Marine Biologist to partake in a hands-on experience with the selection processes, fragmentation, coral garden design, transplantation, and re-attachment techniques, in the shallow waters and tidal pools surrounding Kokomo Island.

    Join us on an informative adventure whilst playing your part to assist environmental sustainability. The Coral Restoration Project is designed to give Mother Nature a helping hand and maximise the survival and propagation of more viable heat resilient “super corals.” In the coming months, these samples will be transplanted en masse back to the local reef where healthy living coral restoration is most needed.

  • Excursions

    For those wanting to explore their surroundings and sample a flavour of the real Fiji, we offer excursions to neighbouring islands as well as on island tours:

    Off-Island Excursions

    Waterfall excursion

    Travel by boat to a nearby island to explore underwater caves before embarking on a trek inland and uphill, where you get to admire the magnificent flora and fauna of Kadavu. A challenging walk quickly becomes worth the adventure when you cool off with a dip in the icy cold natural waters of the waterfall pool. Ascend to the boat feeling refreshed and revived.

    Island hopping / picnic

    During this half day adventure, you will visit Qasibale Island, Vanua Kula, Namara and Yaukuve Lailai. With a scheduled pit stop for lunch, you will enjoy a picnic surrounded by untouched beauty. Transported by boat, you will have 45 minutes’ leisure time at each island to explore, snorkel or relax.

    On-Island Tours

    Kokomo Farm and gardens tour

    Enjoy a guided tour through our farm and expansive gardens to see how and where we grow and source our fresh produce. Find out about the mechanisms we have put in place for growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables as well as our practices for taking care of the resident bees and chickens to obtain daily, healthy produce.

    Explore the island

    Kokomo Private Island has a network of walking trails that lead around the entire island and up to the summit, affording 360-degree views of the island and horizon. Admire the magnificent flora and fauna on your travels before taking in the views. You can opt for a guided, group tour or explore alone.

  • Water Based
    Water Based

    With direct access to the Great Astrolabe Reef and inviting waters, the sea is overflowing with exhilarating escapades:

    • Snorkelling
    • Kayaking
    • Sailing - Hobie Cat
    • Sailing - Lasers
    • Stand-up paddle boards
    • Sea Trampoline.
  • Land Based
    Land Based

    For those in search of complete relaxation or action packed escapades on land, we offer an extensive range of facilities and activities for your enjoyment:

    • Beach games
    • Walking trails and guided tours
    • Gymnasium
    • Yoga/Pilates/meditation
    • Jewellery making
    • Sarong (Sulu) styling
    • Learn the basics of the Fiji language
    • Cultural (weaving/carving/story telling).
    • Tennis Court
    • Basketball Court
    • Supervised Kids and Teens Club
    • Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary

Family Time and Childcare

For quality family time together, Kokomo offers a myriad of experiences the whole family can enjoy; from the resort pool to tennis, basketball, beach games, countless water based activities and daily excursions.

Outside of family time, Kokomo is just as exhilarating for the little ones as it is for you! While you relax or enjoy a day trip away, your children are cared for complimentary in our interactive and dedicated kids’ clubs or by a nanny. Bespoke children’s programmes and activities are scheduled during school holiday’s and are available on request.

  • Infants

    For children from 0 – 3 years’, Kokomo offers a personal nanny per child to care for your toddler/s in the comfort of your private villa. This complimentary service is available from 9am - 5pm daily.

  • Kaji Club

    Kids’ from 4 - 11 are cared for in our Kaji Club – an interactive, fun and engaging space completely separate from adult activities and facilities, open from 9am to 9pm.

  • Teen Club

    Children from 8 – 14 will enjoy a dynamic program in our Teens Club, designed to feature the unique aspects of Kokomo. Whether it be exploring the stunning natural wonders or connecting with Fiji’s rich cultural heritage.

Kid building a sandcastle on the beach at Kokomo Island Fiji