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Kokomo Appoints New Resort Manager

Kokomo Appoints New Resort Manager

We are excited to announce the appointment of Grant Anderson to Kokomo Private Island as Resort Manager in October 2023, bringing to the role a wealth of experience and a passion for hospitality, travel and property development. With a successful career in travel management spanning over two decades, Grant's journey has taken him from the wilds of Southern and East Africa to luxury resort management in the heart of the Arabian Desert in Dubai.

Born and raised in South Africa, Grant's formative years were spent exploring the untamed wilderness of Southern Africa and developing a deep love for its free-roaming wildlife and diverse cultures. What prompted his journey into hospitality and travel was a profound desire to share his passion for Africa's wonders with the world.

Grant began his career as a Safari Guide in Kenya in the 1990’s, earning accreditation from the Kenyan Professional Safari Guide Association. With his love of African safaris and wildlife conservation coupled with his management and financial acumen, Grant soon progressed into management roles at luxury safari camps in South and East Africa, where he successfully led multi-cultural teams in their delivery of exceptional wildlife experiences. His own safari company was a leader in its field.

Having traded the African wilderness for the South Pacific, Grant is excited and is well-equipped to lead Kokomo Private Island, Fiji to new heights. His innovative thinking, resourcefulness and strong leadership will ensure that every guest experiences the magic of Fiji, engages with its many wonders and departs the island with unforgettable memories.