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Kokomo Island Fiji
A richly-decorated Christmas tree with ocean-themed baubles and other adornments in the entrance lounge area of Kokomo Island Fiji, with the lounge area out of focus in the background.


There’s something extra special about holiday season when you’re on Kokomo Private Island. Our exclusive stay becomes a wonderland brimming with celebratory activities, stunning displays, festive fineries, seasonal menus, and pure joy from all those who frequent the island throughout this time. Add that little extra to your next stay with Kokomo. And happy holidays!

A dark-blue printed booklet with Kokomo Private Island Fiji Festive Season 2023 on the front and a large gold Christmas tree graphic made up of various snowflake shapes, with the Kokomo Private Island Fiji logo at the top. The booklet is resting on a pastel-coloured surface with palm tree shadows across the surface and booklet.

Festive Season

Throughout the Festive Season on Kokomo Private Island, make memories with those people you love. This is a joy-filled time to revel in the year that was, in all the possibilities yet to come, and to partake in our wonderland of activities.

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A person holding a glass bauble containing small hard-carved wood pieces atop a bed of beach sand, being held in front of a lit up Christmas tree in the Kokomo Island Fiji welcome centre.

Christmas Day Dining in Paradise

Enjoy a festive feast in paradise! Our world class chefs will take you on a sensory journey, transforming your Christmas meal into a complete experience. Supporting the farm to table movement, and showcasing incredible seafood sourced from the waterways surrounding Kokomo, our festive culinary offering uses exceptional seasonal produce and highlights what our island home can truly offer.

A glossy black Sodashi beauty product on a thick, wooden table, with several flower buds arranged around it on the tabletop.

Gift Someone You Love a Spa Treatment

Gift your loved one a restorative face and body treatment that utilises uplifting botanicals this festive season. Our beauty experts will take you to a place of deep relaxation, a quietened mind and holistic health. Sequenced for best results, our spa treatments will ensure you relax into the holiday season and will help to ease the symptoms of jetlag. To give the gift of relaxation, prearrange your booking with our .

Several fireworks in a pitch black sky, launching from and reflecting off the calm ocean surface below.

Happy New Year

Kokomo’s annual White New Year’s Eve Gala is a wonderful way to see in the New Year ahead. Dress up in your best white island outfit (with a Fiji twist), adorn with a Kokomo flower and join the festive tradition. Celebrate with a degustation menu designed by our chefs, live entertainment, dancing, and an incredible display of fireworks under the Fijian night sky as the clock strikes midnight. Together, let’s countdown to all that a New Year offers in our little piece of paradise.