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Kokomo Island Fiji
Dock To Dish at Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Dock To Dish

In 2018, Kokomo launched the South Pacific chapter of Dock to Dish, a community-supported sustainable fishing venture, committed to restoring the relationship between seafood producers and consumers. An international network of small-scale fishermen, marine biologists and sustainable seafood advocates, Dock to Dish supports the growth and development of small-scale fishing communities, whilst prioritising fresh, flavoursome seafood. The pioneering movement is bringing sweeping reform to seafood supply chains around the world.

For Kokomo, Dock to Dish enables our team to preserve important elements of the native culture, whilst furthering our commitment to an environmentally and culturally sustainable sourcing system.

Dock to Dish Logo


For the complete Dock to Dish experience, join our master fisherman on a fishing excursion. Learn the traditional methods of handline fishing, whilst listening as stories are told about the way of life in traditional Fijian Villages. Bring your catch back to shore and have it transformed into a decadent meal by Kokomo’s culinary team. The ethical sourcing of seafood is reflected in how the produce is prepared, allowing your catch to be the hero of the dish.