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“Kokomo Has Left Its Mark”

“Kokomo Has Left Its Mark”

I just wanted to say a huge thank you (or should I say Vinaka) for the most wonderful holiday at Kokomo - words cannot accurately convey our gratitude.

Kokomo is an island paradise, but it is the people at Kokomo that make it truly special. They welcomed us as friends, and we departed feeling like part of the family. I’m sure Matt has mentioned - I was crying my eyes out when we left, you would be forgiven for thinking I was at a funeral! In fact, I was overwhelmed on countless occasions with the beauty of the place and the generosity shown – I constantly had tears in my eyes, the staff must have thought I was having a week-long breakdown!!

Kokomo has left its mark…we’re addicted to the island and to its people. Knowing that we were rebooking for next year was the only thing that pulled me out of my post-holiday blues over the weekend.

Thank you so very much for introducing us to such a special part of the world.

~ L. Payne