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Kokomo’s Pledge on World Oceans Day 2020

Kokomo’s Pledge on World Oceans Day 2020

This year, Kokomo Private Island is celebrating World Oceans Day by making sustainable commitments to protect our ocean.

We pledge to transplant 3,000 heat resilient corals onto our Walker Restoration Reef in the ocean’s battle against climate change.

We pledge to replant 4,000 mangroves into our neighbouring village shores in the hopes of protecting their coastlines, providing important ecosystems for marine life and helping sequester excess carbon dioxide in the global struggle against climate change.

We pledge to continue with our Dock to Dish initiative, which focuses on sourcing seafood locally and supporting small scale fisheries.

As part of the Kokomo Family, we also encourage you to take part in small ways as part of your everyday lives by trying to use less plastic and keeping your local beaches and environment tidy from pollution. The ocean will greatly appreciate it.

For more information about each of Kokomo’s sustainability projects, visit our sustainability page.