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Kokomo Island Fiji
The main beach at Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Trade & Media Resources

We have these readily available resources for use by our valued trade and media partners. For further information please contact the Sales and Marketing contacts below.

Please credit our images where possible. © Kokomo Private Island Fiji


  • Global Sales & Marketing

    Sharon Byrne

    Director of Sales & Marketing

  • US Sales

    JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers

    President, Hidden Doorways

  • Public Relations

    Camille Walker

    Director of PR (Global)

  • US Public Relations

    Carol Ann Kelley-Elwell

    Vice President,Victoria King Public Relations, Inc.

  • AUS Public Relations

    Sophie Curtis

    Managing Director

    BLACK Communications

  • On-Island Contact

    Wani Ratulailai

    Front Office Manager


Lifestyle Partners

  • ExecuJet

  • Luxaviation

Trade Partners

  • American Express

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • Select Hotels Resorts

  • Traveller Made

  • Virtuoso Preferred

  • Virtuoso Ultraluxe

An aerial view of the beachfront villas and nearby reefs at Kokomo Island Fiji