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Women’s Dive Day

Women’s Dive Day

Women’s Dive Day is a celebration of all the amazing female divers in the world that are both beginning and continuing to explore and protect the underwater world through scuba diving and freediving.

This year, we are celebrating Women’s Dive Day by giving Mother Earth and her ocean lots of love and care at Kokomo.

Our resident marine biologists Viviana and Cliona attend to our Kokomo Coral Nursery, which is a key part of our Kokomo Coral Restoration project. As shown in the photo, Viviana is scrubbing and removing excess sediment and algae, which will help the corals to grow and make it easier for herbivorous fish to help maintain the nursery.

Kokomo Private Island Fiji’s most recent projects aiming to protect and preserve the ocean is the Kokomo Giant Nursery. Giant clams are vital in reef ecosystems for filtering out pollutants and reef pest eggs. At Kokomo, we assist the clams to a healthy growth by scrubbing parasites and excess sediment off.

Lastly, in support of our Project AWARE Adopt a Dive Site initiative, our team regularly performs a freediving clean-up of the Walker Restoration Reef and record important debris data that is logged in the Project AWARE My Ocean database.

We hope the actions of Viviana, Cliona and the whole Kokomo team inspire those that have yet to discover the underwater world and continue to inspire those that have already discovered it to help protect our ocean and Mother Earth as best as possible.

Happy Women’s Dive Day, from Kokomo with love.