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Kokomo Island Fiji
Seabin Project at Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Seabin Project

In October 2018, Kokomo launched its first “Seabin Project”. Seabins are essentially floating bins, which provide practical and tangible solutions to reduce the plastics found in our oceans. Created by Australian surfer and philanthropist, Pete Ceglinisky, one Seabin processes 25,000 litres of seawater per hour, removing rubbish and micro plastics, and filtering chemical pollutants such as oil.

These bins can attach to jetties, marinas and even large boat vessels. By investing in a Seabin, Kokomo Private Island has provided a platform for this project to raise awareness of ocean pollution among guests, local communities and staff; and further encourage those living in marinas and boat owners to consider their impact.

The logo for the Seabin Project