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Kokomo Island Fiji
Mangrove Reforestation Program at Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Mangrove Reforestation Program

Kokomo launched the Mangrove Reforestation Project in May 2019. This project aims to plant and restore mangroves that naturally occur in the Kadavu Region surrounding Kokomo.

Highly biodiverse habitats that create a unique environment for an abundance of marine and freshwater life, mangroves are salt tolerant plants that grow in tidal and riverine areas. They are vitally important for coastal protection against storms and tsunamis particularly for small villages in Fiji. Given mangroves are five times greater at sequestering carbon than rainforests, they are critical in combating climate change and the effects of excess carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere.

Here at Kokomo we collect mangrove seeds, which are grown in a mangrove nursery before being transplanted back into tidal areas on Kokomo and nearby small island villages. Guests have the opportunity to participate in planting and transplanting activities with the Kids Club and Landscaping Department, regularly assisting with watering, weeding and maintenance. By educating guests on the importance of mangroves, having them participate in planting activities, and helping protect local communities, this project is the epitome of sustainability as it raises environmental awareness while assisting community development.