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Kokomo Island Fiji
Philip Garner, the Interior Designer at Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Philip Garner

Interior Designer

Interior Designer

With an extensive and notable career in the design industry Philip Garner was tasked with managing the concept, sourcing and delivery of the interior design elements for the facilities and accommodation on Kokomo Private Island.

With twenty-five years interior design experience across residential, retail and commercial projects throughout Australia, Phillip worked closely with lead architect Keith Lambert and Lang Walker AO to develop the design ethos of Kokomo and ensure it coincide with the architecture.

Inspired by the beauty of the island and using nature as the hero, Phillip captured greys from various stones, tones from the beachfront sand and aqua blue from the surrounding reef. A selection of linens, quality downs and timbers were chosen to reflect the essence of barefoot luxury.

A dish prepared by the Interior Designer at Kokomo Private Island Fiji

We Asked Philip

  • Q: What are you most excited about showcasing and sharing with guests at Kokomo?

    A: The Luxury Residences, I worked very closely with the Head Architect - Keith Lambert, to merge the design and architecture. The mutual respect for each other’s work has allowed us to create an unparalleled experience when residing on the island.

  • Q: How does sustainability play a role in your designs?

    A: I was very meticulous when it came to choosing materials and textures. No metal was used in any of my designs, I focused on repurposing recycled timber for the furnishings and using sustainable sourced cotton and linen for the upholstery.

  • Q: What challenges have you faced and overcome given Kokomo’s secluded location?

    A: Due to the scale of this project, we sourced materials and furniture from all over the globe. Trying to orchestrate the synchronisation of the timely arrival of all goods, proved to be incredibly difficult, due to Kokomo being a private island.