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Mantas - A Year In Review

Mantas - A Year In Review

2020 was a record year for Kokomo with 1,024 manta sightings, the most ever recorded in the region of Kadavu. Our project surpassed some incredible milestones in 2020 that we are proud to share with you:

  • We deployed the first satellite tag in Fiji, making us the first project to deploy both acoustic and satellite tags in the South Pacific.
  • We identified 24 new manta rays last year - 15 males and 9 females.
  • We recorded 69 unique manta rays in a single day, a new record for the resort.
  • Pavlova the manta was photographed as pregnant in 2019 and again in 2020. This marks the first confirmed consecutive pregnancy for Fiji.

At time of writing, our region is home to the largest population of reef mantas in Fiji. Want to know when to plan your visit? Last year August was our busiest month, with 434 manta sightings.

For more information on Kokomo’s Manta Project click here.