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Kokomo Island Fiji

Enjoy Your Private Island Resort Vacation in Secluded Villas on the Beach

For romantic getaways, it’s hard to beat secluded villas on the beach.

When you book your vacation to Kokomo Private Island Fiji, you have two basic options for lodging. The first is to reserve one of our luxury residences. These sprawling dwellings are like homes away from home, offering 3-6 bedrooms, plenty of space, private pools, incredible views and other perks. The second option is to pick one of our 21 secluded island villas.

What Sets Kokomo Private Island Fiji Apart Regarding Secluded Villas

Whether you choose a residence or a villa will depend mainly on how much space you need. The residences, of course, are ideal for larger parties, while the villas are more popular for small families or couples looking for romantic intimacy. Make no mistake, though: we have spared no expense on our stunning villas. Everything from the designs and layouts to the views will ensure that you get your money’s worth and then some. Here are some of the features that elevate our villas above other secluded island villas in Fiji:

  • Privacy: If you book one of our five large residences, it goes without saying that you are getting a very private experience. These accommodations each essentially occupy their own parts of the island. Even with our villas, though, we have taken care to preserve privacy. There are 21 villas on the island, but they are spread so sparingly across our two largest beaches that you and your partner still get that feeling of being the only ones in the world.
  • Direct beach access: Every villa on our island enjoys direct beach access—perfect for waking up in the morning and walking out the door for a dip in the ocean. By refusing to over-develop our island, we guarantee that every guest has a truly luxury experience.
  • Amenities: You don’t need to spring for a residence to get a private pool or garden. On the contrary, our villas incorporate both amenities, along with other perks such as Wi-Fi access and VOD. We also have flexibility with floor plans—from one-bedroom villas for couples to two and three-bedroom beachfront houses for families.

We wanted our villas to be as luxurious as any other dwelling you might find at an island resort—if not more so. Through design, location and amenity, we believe we have achieved this aim.

What You Can Expect from Kokomo Private Island Fiji When You Book Your Secluded Villas in Fiji

In addition to the features and amenities of your villa itself, reserving a trip to our resort guarantees a few other marquee services. These include:

  • Food service: Swing by one of our three restaurants, or call for food service in your villa, by the pool or even out on the beach. No matter where you decide to eat, you can expect delicious and authentic Fijian cuisine.
  • Access to other island facilities and perks: As a guest at Kokomo Private Island Fiji, you can enjoy access to the island’s many activities and facilities. From spa treatments to yoga to fishing to scuba diving, you can experience Fiji in many ways—and choose to be as active as you wish to be on your vacation.

Why Our Secluded Villas Are Cost Effective

Our secluded villas are the most affordable accommodation option available on our private island, and when you think about everything that comes with a reservation, booking one of these beachfront dwellings is an incredible bargain. We offer a true all-inclusive vacation package and strive to deliver a 6-star resort experience in everything from accommodation comfort to food to available activities to striking scenery. Trust us; you won’t be sorry to have made this investment. Contact us today to book your villa.