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Kokomo Island Fiji

Forge Unforgettable Memories with the Private Luxury of a Remote Island Wedding in Fiji

Have you ever dreamed of a private island wedding?

With Kokomo Private Island Fiji, you can transform that dream into a reality. Situated inside the Kadavu Island Group in the Fijian archipelago, our private island is almost completely isolated from its surroundings. That remoteness doesn't impact the quality you'll find when you make landfall by seaplane or helicopter, though: you'll quickly everything is of the highest standard.

The Benefits of a Luxury Island Wedding on Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Why choose our venue for remote island weddings? The philosophy that underpins our operation is simple: we believe people deserve the opportunity to relax in such luxury that the outside world ceases to exist, and time itself no longer matters. Aside from the stunning location, there are other benefits to having your Fiji wedding here, including:

  • The perfect private getaway for your honeymoon. Exchange vows in one of the most stunning spots on the island, then escape to a villa or residence to start your new lives together in style.
  • Incredible catering options available on the island from our fine dining establishment. Kokomo Private Island Fiji boasts not only an experienced and passionate executive chef but also a dedicated executive pastry chef as well. With access to organic ingredients grown on-site, we can craft an unforgettable reception meal.
  • Island buyouts are available. For extensive groups and entirely exclusive privacy, you may choose to request a buyout for the wedding. For more information about this service, please contact us directly.

How Kokomo Private Island Fiji Stands Out as a Choice for a Private Island Wedding

Alongside the benefits that come from our top-shelf service and the island's natural assets, there are other reasons our luxury private island weddings can be a perfect choice. Consider what we do to enhance your experience further:

  • We make dedicated wedding planners available for your convenience. Work with those who know the island best and who are dedicated to removing the stress from the entire process for you.
  • We helpfully arrange all travel to and from the island once you arrive in Fiji. Forty-five minutes of gentle flight from Nadi International Airport and only 20 minutes from Suva, the trip to Kokomo Private Island is incredible in its own right, with views you won't forget. We'll ensure all your guests make it safely to your luxury island wedding.
  • You'll have your pick of locations throughout the island for your ceremony. With no shortage of beautiful venues, you can carefully select the location that will provide the precise experience you want for your special day.

Put together; these reasons make it easy to see that we have everything to create a one-of-a-kind private island wedding.

Don't Miss Out on the Wonders of Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Picture it: the sea surrounding the island, blue skies with a few lazy clouds, and your wedding party gathering in the pleasant sunlight for the exchange of vows. Who could ever forget such a scene? Not only will it be memorable for you and your spouse-to-be, but for all your guests, too. Find out more about how Kokomo Private Island Fiji can help you plan your wedding here today. For booking enquiries and other questions, contact us at your convenience on 855-652-2600.