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Kokomo Island Fiji

Make a Private Island Villa Your Next Destination Getaway

Discover a private island villa that will leave you breathless.

Waking up in a tropical environment mere steps from your own stretch of white sand beach is every holidaymaker’s dream. Kokomo Private Island Fiji has widely spaced beachfront villas and the finest service for a truly breath-taking holiday.

Related Services We Provide to Our Private Island Villas

In addition to our beautiful island, picturesque sunsets, and warm ocean water we pride ourselves on superior service to make your stay memorable.

  • Our villas come with a private infinity pool in your private garden. Our one bedroom villa is 288 sqm with more than enough room to lounge and relax. Each villa has Wi-Fi, IPTV and VOD included as well as one introductory spa and dive voucher to experience the activities available during your stay.
  • We offer numerous activities to make your holiday exhilarating, educational or relaxing. You have access to boating and fishing as well as diving and snorkelling. Our glass bottom boat is ideal for viewing the world’s fourth-largest coral reef. You can learn about the reef and steps we take to ensure its longevity. Our various yoga classes and spa will work out any kinks and provide you with much-needed peace away from a hectic world.
  • We prepare all meals from fresh food grown on the island and responsible fishing of the ocean. Meals are delivered to your desired location be it by the pool, on the beach or inside your villa. You could visit our farm and learn about our hydroponic technique of producing fresh fruits and vegetables year-round.

The Importance of a Private Island Villa

We understand our guest’s desire for privacy and have designed our lodgings to not intrude on each other.

  • Our private villas are perfect for a romantic getaway. Imagine spending uninterrupted quality time with your significant other on an island oasis designed for just the two of you. Wake up to a tropical view and a walk on the beach only a few steps away. Your butler will serve meals and take care of any needs.
  • For those wishing to shut out the rest of the world, our villas provide the tranquillity overstressed minds require to refresh and rejuvenate. Combining our spa and yoga classes and fresh cuisine your mind and body will feel like new upon departure.
  • If you’re looking for activity on holiday, we don’t disappoint. No matter your adventure level we have an activity to meet your challenge. An abundance of water activities will keep your days filled with sun and motion after which you can retire to the privacy of your villa to recharge for the next day.

About Kokomo Private Island Villas Fiji

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service in a natural environment that recharges your spirit, and you leave with amazing memories. We married Fijian design with modern living to ensure our guests have every modern convenience while embracing the natural beauty surrounding you. Contact us for more information on our fabulous private villas for your next holiday.