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Kokomo Island Fiji

Embark on an Unforgettable Private Island Vacation in Fiji's Great Astrolabe Reef

A private island vacation is a perfect way to reset your mind.

For some, the ideal holiday involves the bustle of crowds, famous landmarks, and well-worn destinations. For others, though, the "perfect escape" is just that — an escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life to a place where nothing but your comfort and relaxation matters. At Kokomo Private Island Fiji, you, your partner, and even the entire family can slip away from the world to a paradise built just for you.

What You'll Experience with Kokomo Private Island Fiji's Luxury Villa Holidays

After a short, private transfer from Suva or Nadi International Airports by helicopter or seaplane, guests arrive at Kokomo Private Island. From the moment you disembark, it's easy to see what sets this island apart: incredible views, pristine waters and beaches, and absolute serenity. Alongside the stunning natural beauty and the presence of the world's fourth-largest coral reef, guests to our villas and residences will be able to enjoy other experiences. These include:

  • The highest level of attentive service combined with the ability to achieve total privacy with ease. From butler service to helpful staff ready to assist you with your every need throughout your stay, you can trust in the luxury to want for nothing. At the same time, it’s easy to escape to the privacy of a pristine, unspoiled view or the peace of your residence. The choice is always yours.
  • Your choice of contemporary dwellings that blend modern convenience and comfort with traditional Fijian techniques. With five stunning residences and 21 luxury villas, many with private access to white sand beaches, there is no shortage of choice. No matter how many guests you have to bring along, there is always room for you on Kokomo Private Island Fiji.
  • A clear commitment to quality and sustainability that ultimately reflects itself throughout the entire island. From the construction techniques used in every building on the island to our on-site hydroponics farm and many other efforts, you can enjoy the fruits of a well-implemented system from your arrival to your departure. Everything operates at the highest level.

Other Services and Add-Ons We Provide Alongside Private Villa Holidays

During your luxury private holiday in Fiji, you (and your family or other guests) should be able to enjoy all the many bounties the island and our facilities have to provide. If you prefer to simply relax by the side of a villa's infinity pool while you soak in sun and forget that time exists, you'll find it is easier here than perhaps anywhere else on Earth. For those hungry for new experiences, our other services cater to every taste. These include:

  • A vast array of land- and water-based recreational choices. Experience the incredible waters surrounding our island in the Kadavu Group or take in some of the most breathtaking reef diving you can find. From the island itself, divers and snorkelers enjoy direct access to a pristine environment filled with beautiful corals. Prefer to stay dry while you view the wildlife? Ask about chartering a glass bottom boat; it's just one of the many options we offer.
  • A spa sanctuary that will melt all your stresses away. What would an island getaway be without a trip to the spa? Enjoy the Yaukuve Spa and let our staff pamper away your anxieties.
  • Everything you need for entertaining friends or privately unwinding after the sun sets. From Wi-Fi and VOD options to spacious indoor and outdoor areas for social gatherings, the fun only stops when you're ready for a rest.

Why Kokomo Private Island is a Stand-Out Choice in Fiji for Luxury Island Holidays

From the remote location and its natural beauty to our many services, there are already many reasons to consider choosing one of our private villa holidays. However, there is still more that allows our destination to shine among the many options available throughout the Fijian archipelago. Consider just some of what enables us to provide the relaxed luxury you deserve:

  • We feature many of the largest residences available in Fiji, including our stunning six-bedroom residence which is central to many of our island resort's amenities. These spacious choices allow you to take full advantage of the island's privacy, allowing you to enjoy the waves, the breeze, and the quiet.
  • Dining options that set new benchmarks for excellence in Fijian cooking and cuisine. Three excellent choices mean you always have incredible opportunities for unforgettable meals. Let our chefs know about your tastes or request a special meal. Want to pack a picnic lunch to explore the island? We're happy to assemble a gourmet spread for your enjoyment.
  • Robust childcare options designed to engage your kids and provide them with a unique and exciting holiday, too. Our kids and teens club, led by experienced and qualified individuals, allow parents to enjoy the day while the kids get the opportunity to explore the island in their own way, too.

Why Trust Us with Your Private Island Vacation?

After 50 years of dedication to creating destinations, Australian developer Lang Walker set his sights on creating the ultimate location for luxury private holidays — a place where those with an adventurous spirit could recognise the ultimate dream of escaping to a hidden ocean oasis to call their own. At Kokomo Private Island Fiji, every part of our service and experience reflects this dedication and passion for the importance of the unpretentious ability to relax. This philosophy, combined with all the many benefits described above, make us the perfect choice for luxury island holidays in Fiji.

Isn't it time you took the opportunity to disconnect from the fast pace of the modern world for something slower? We encourage you to discover more about Kokomo Private Island and to consider your options for where to stay. Think about what you can do, or even what you might to like to eat — after all, every private island vacation has its genesis somewhere in a daydream. When you're ready to find out more about securing your spot on the island, we welcome your calls on 855-652-6500.