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Kokomo Island Fiji

The Site of Your Next Getaway: Kokomo Luxury Island Resorts in Fiji

What sounds more relaxing than luxury island resorts in Fiji?

At Kokomo Private Island Fiji, our goal is to give you a true 6-star resort vacation. Whether you’ve been itching for a getaway from the pressures and stressors of day to day life or trying to find the perfect romantic vacation spot for you and your spouse or significant other, our private island resorts are the ideal solution.

The Benefits of Our Fiji Luxury Resort

What Makes Kokomo Private Island Fiji such a remarkable spot to take a vacation? The list of answers is exceptionally lengthy. When we say that we are offering the experience of a 6-star resort in Fiji, we mean it. We want to take what 5-star resorts in other parts of the world are doing and dial those perks and attractions up to 11. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing our resort for your next vacation:

  • Privacy: Our resort is on a private island in the pristine (and largely untouched) paradise of the Kadavu Island group. We maintain a very exclusive resort, which means you will have the quiet, private, intimate, safe, carefree and relaxed vacation that you have been seeking. Some resorts look gorgeous in photographs but are so busy and overcrowded that they become stifling. We strive to maintain the secluded atmosphere of a private island for all our guests.
  • Location: Our luxury island resorts are ideally located to offer not just privacy, but a whole smattering of other perks and benefits as well. The weather is beautiful; the scenery is out of this world, and the beaches are characterised by stretches of untouched white sand and crystal-clear water. You will feel like you are visiting a postcard, so beautiful are the surroundings of our island resort setting. Our location also affords us direct access to the Great Astrolabe Reef—the fourth largest reef on planet Earth. Whether you fancy snorkelling or fishing, you will enjoy world-class experiences for both out on the reef.
  • Extensive activities: In addition to diving, snorkelling and fishing out on the Great Astrolabe Reef, our resort offers an array of other activities to keep you as busy as you want to be. Our other offerings include surfing, sailing, paddle boarding, beach games, yoga, sunset cruises, motorised sports and more.

What You Can Expect from Kokomo Private Island Fiji and Our Private Island Rentals

Beyond beautiful surroundings, incredible beaches and other staple resort features, what else can you expect from your trip to Kokomo Private Island Fiji. Said another way, how do we make a private island rental worth your investment? Here are a few things we do to elevate your experience and give you your money’s worth:

  • Easy travel: Often, the most stressful part of a vacation is the travel portion. When you come to our private island, we do everything we can to make your trip easy. You can fly directly to Nadi International Airport from many airports in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. From there, we take over, providing private flights from the airport to the island. Your trip reaches ‘luxury’ and ‘relaxation’ levels before you even reach our Fiji private island resort.
  • Your choice of accommodation: Our island hosts 21 beachfront villas and five luxurious residences. You can choose your preferred accommodation based not only on how many people are in your party but also on the type of vacation experience you want to have. The villas are perfect for smaller parties and provide an intimate, rustic vacation feel. The residences are sprawling settings, perfect for family parties or other larger gatherings, and ideal if you are looking for a ‘home away from home.’
  • A comfortable stay: When we designed Kokomo Private Island Fiji, we did so very deliberately. From concept to design to implementation, our architects, interior designers and artists worked together to craft an experience that would offer consistent levels of comfort, luxury and beauty across every villa, residence or facility. None of our residences or villas are ‘run down’ or ‘less nice’ than the others. Instead, everything is part of the same vision—a vision aimed at providing you with the best experience possible.

What Sets Kokomo Private Island Fiji Apart Regarding Fiji Private Resorts?

When we created this paradise, we wanted to offer our guests an experience that would be a cut above the other resorts they may have visited. As we mentioned, we wanted to create the elusive ‘6-star’ guest experience. Here are some of the features and offerings that help us live us to this lofty goal:

  • Our focus on family: Resort vacations—especially to Fiji private resorts—are often the territory of honeymooners and other couples seeking romantic escapes. Such experiences are easy to have at Kokomo Private Island Fiji, thanks to our intimate setup. However, we also embrace family, with our dynamic range of available activities, large residences and kid-friendly services. Specifically, we have complimentary nanny service (for kids ages 0-3), a Kids Club (for ages 4-11) and a Teen’s Club (ages 8-14), to help families ensure that everyone is occupied and entertained.
  • Our incredible food: When you travel, one of the most fun things is trying the food of the country, region or city you are visiting. We wanted to capture that feeling of discovery, and we did it by hiring talented chefs and asking them to set a new standard in Fijian cuisine. Our island offers three restaurants, as well as in-villa dining and beachfront or poolside food and beverage service.
  • Our capacity as an event location: We aren’t just a honeymoon destination. On the contrary, we are also a wedding location. If you have been looking for a spectacular location for a destination wedding, why not choose us? We can also support other bespoke events, from anniversary parties and vow renewals to corporate events to family reunions.

About Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Opened in March 2017, Kokomo Private Island Fiji was intended as a new twist on luxury island resorts in Fiji. We wanted to pair the all-inclusive nature of the resort vacation with greater exclusivity, more amenities, tastier food, better design and other perks or improvements. Simply put, we wanted to take a 5-star experience and see if we could elevate it to a 6-star experience. Are you interested in discovering this kind of luxurious experience? If so, contact us today to book your trip.