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Kokomo Island Fiji

Book a Relaxing Fiji Private Island Holiday with Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Plan your next holiday at our Fiji private island.

If you are looking for a holiday that is perfect for a romantic getaway or as a family holiday, look no further than the fantastic options available through Kokomo Private Island Fiji. Our private island resort is filled with beautiful scenery and fun events both children and adults will remember and enjoy.

Benefits of Luxury Private Islands

Whether you choose a residence or a villa will depend mainly on how much space you need. The residences, of course, are ideal for larger parties, while the villas are more popular for small families or couples looking for romantic intimacy. Make no mistake, though: we have spared no expense on our stunning villas. Everything from the designs and layouts to the views will ensure that you get your money’s worth and then some. Here are some of the features that elevate our villas above other secluded island villas in Fiji:

Some fantastic advantages of going on holiday to luxury private islands in Fiji include:

  • Peace and quiet: When you plan your getaway around going to a private island you never have to worry about it being overcrowded. A fun holiday quickly turns sour when there are too many people in one area, and you feel like you can’t obtain rest and stillness.
  • Beautiful surroundings: There is nothing more spectacular than an island filled with fun and activity encompassed by deep blue water. Every morning when you wake up, you are greeted with fresh air and a breathtaking view that you will not soon forget.
  • Fantastic food: Part of the fun of going on a holiday is indulging in remarkable food options. Our island offers different dining venues each with their unique ambience and menu selections. We embrace ‘farm to table’ thinking which means that you will always receive a fresh meal made with locally-grown produce.

What Sets Kokomo Private Island Fiji Apart Regarding Fiji Luxury Private Islands

We strive to make ourselves notable regarding our Fiji luxury private islands by offering the following:

  • Incredible selection of villas: You never have to worry about being uncomfortable when you book your stay with us. With options from 21 beachfront villas or five luxury residences, we aim to have beautiful accommodations that everyone will enjoy.
  • Personalised service: We understand that you are coming to stay with us to get away from the monotony and stress of everyday life. We encourage you to let us know precisely what you need during your time on our island to ensure that you have the best possible experience.
  • Perfect for the entire family: Our resort is a beautiful location for the entire family. We offer different activities for children of all ages. If you have a baby between the ages of 0 and 3, we have a complimentary nanny service with options for different clubs for older children.

During your stay, if there is anything that you believe would make your experience better, please let us know so we can see to it right away.

Why Trust Kokomo Private Island Fiji Regarding Luxury Private Islands in Fiji

Our team commits themselves to make your trip to our luxury private islands one that you will remember for a lifetime. We offer a calm and relaxing environment suitable for any age guest. Our staff is here to address any of your questions or concerns at any time.

Please call us on 679 776 4441 to learn more about our incredible amenities at our Fiji private island or click over to our book now page to schedule your holiday today.